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Friday, July 27, 2012

Possible Upcoming Archaeological Investigations in Glenrowan?

 It seems there is the possibility of further archaeological investigations going on in Glenrowan this year. I looked around and did not see any reference to this on any other Kelly sites yet, though some may see this and will start spreading the word. We need to keep our eyes open for more information and starting dates on this venture.

 Here is what I have found so far:

From the NE Water Community News from December 2011 concerning the
Glenrowan Sewerage Scheme:

An archaeological impact assessment and management report was carried
out by DIG International and has been submitted to Heritage Victoria
in support of an application to carry out works within the Glenrowan
heritage precinct. A permit has been granted with a key requirement
being to undertake detailed archaeological investigations in certain
areas including Siege Street....

I did some searching for the permit (which was dated March 12, 2012) and it says in part:

The sewerage infrastructure works are to be in accordance with the
three models presented in Appendix B of the report Glenrowan Sewerage
Scheme – Archaeological Impact Assessment and Management Report 2011
(Dig International, July 2011). Infrastructure works and installation
are to be in accordance with details outlined in the Proposal section
of the report (pages 4-5).
3.      Detailed archaeological investigations are to be conducted, prior
to the commencement of infrastructure works, in the following areas:
immediately adjacent to the site of the Glenrowan Inn; in the vicinity
of the gravel haulers’ camp; along Siege Street between Beaconsfield
Parade and Bank Street; along Beaconsfield Parade between Siege Street
and Church Street; and in the land immediately north of the site of
McDonnell’s Hotel on Gladstone Street.
4.      All potentially significant historical archaeological features,
deposits and/or relics that are exposed are to be investigated in
detail, recorded and presented in the project report....

Also says that the permit is good for one year. If you want to read more about any of this it is all findable via google using the proper keywords.

Event Alert: Ned Kelly Interpretive Centre - Re-Scoping Study Stakeholder Briefing set for Aug. 13, 2012

Just stumbled over info for this upcoming event...

Ned Kelly Interpretive Centre - Re-Scoping Study Stakeholder Briefing

Council is providing an opportunity for the community and relevant stakeholders to hear about the recent Ned Kelly Interpretive Centre Re-Scoping Study final report from consultant, Sally Hirst (Hirst Projects).

    Monday 13th August 2012
    Glenrowan Primary School
    40 Beaconsfield Parade, Glenrowan
    From 7.00 pm

To read more or to find out how to register your attendance (must register by August 8, 2012):

Friday, July 20, 2012

Article Alert: Wangaratta Council Backs Ned Kelly 'Theme Park'

The Border Mail of July 18 has an article entitled Wangaratta Council Backs Ned Kelly 'Theme Park.'

 It begins with:

 "An $8 million Ned Kelly Centre at Glenrowan could be financially viable within four years of opening, according to a revised plan the Wangaratta Council backed last night.

The project, first promoted a decade ago, would still rely heavily on federal and state government money to become a reality.

But the new study prepared for the council suggests the siege site could become the North-East's equivalent of Sovereign Hill at Ballarat...."

From later in the article:

"A small band of people, including a venue manager and volunteers would operate the centre seven days a week.
A cafe capable of seating 90 people would open for breakfast and lunch each day and possibly for dinner three to four nights a week.
Key attractions of the centre would be the Ann Jones Hotel, Kelly’s capture site and a railway platform...."

To read more:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Article Alert: Glenrowan's Ned Kelly Centre Proposal

from google alerts..

The Weekly Times of July 18, 2012 has an article called "Glenrowan's Ned Kelly Centre Proposal."

It begins with:

"The $8 million project, which includes $2 million for digital equipment to share the Kelly Gang's story, will be taken to tourism stakeholders to offer input after gaining approval from Wangaratta councillors."

 Later in the article there is this:

 ". . . there's been refinement of the centre and this concept is a series of smaller buildings keeping with the feel of the town," Ms Keith said.
She said the changes made the centre's concept move from a "museum-type building to an interactive centre".
Within the first year she said a conservative estimate was for 60,000 people to visit the centre..."

To read more:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Event Alert: New Play "His Mother's Son: The Story of Ellen Kelly" to be performed in Beechworth Aug. 4, 2012

Earlier this year I had done a post about the then-upcoming Jerilderie Letter Event and had mentioned that there would be a Kelly play written by (and starring) Christine Middleton as part of the proceedings. Ms Middleton has just sent in a comment on that particular post, but I figured to give her a bit more promotion by also making the comment a featured posting.

Here is what she wrote:

    "Hi My name is Christine Middleton. I was commissioned by the Jerilderie Shire Council to write the story of the audacious raid on the town of Jerilderie by the Kelly Gang on February 8th 1879. I wrote, produced and performed this story as a multimedia Play titled "Ned Kelly Came By" to an enthusiastic audience in the Jerilderie Civic Centre for the Jerilderie Letter Event 2012. In this Play I took the role of Mary Devine, the wife of George Devine, Senior Constable of Police, Jerilderie. What a story it is!! I will be putting further information on this Play onto my Website shortly.

    My journey with the Kelly Story commenced with the reading of the book "Ellen Kelly" by Dagmar Balcarek & Gary Dean" which I had purchased at the local petrol station in Jerilderie. This little book inspired me to write a Multimedia Play titled "His Mother's Son (The Story of Ellen Kelly)" which I have been touring with over the past 18 months. I will be presenting this Play at the Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend in the Town Hall on Saturday 4th August at 10.30am. Great to have a blog to share stories and keep up to date. Well Done"

(Thank you for your comments, Christine!)

Here is the link with further information for the performance:

I hope everyone who attends the Ned Kelly weekend enjoys the performance of "His Mother's Son."

While I am doing a bit of cross-pollination and promotion I might as well add some links from the Eleven Mile Creek archives since Sr. Constable George Devine and his wife Mary were made mention of as concerns an earlier Middleton play and some of our new readers might have missed these earlier postings concerning the couple.

 Back in March of 2011 I had done a post called "For Jerilderie's Constable Devine life after the Kelly Gang's visit was anything but divine!" which can be read at

Then in April of 2011 I did a post called "Who escorted Mrs. Devine to the Jerilderie courthouse?" which can be read at